Time and Attendance for Small Business

The Keys to Our Success

Icon Time Systems is a company focused around its core values: Teamwork, Leadership, Service, Learning, Integrity, Innovation and Vision. We cite these values as the keystones of our business strategy. They are reflected in every aspect of the products we build, every service we provide, and are personified in the Icon employees who are committed to serving our customers' time and attendance needs worldwide.

The Leading Provider of Time and Attendance Solutions

Icon Time Systems is committed to getting better every day in all it does, and in continuing its success as the leading provider of time and attendance solutions for small and medium businesses. We pride ourselves on being the innovators in the industry by developing products that are quick to install, simple to operate and reliable. By better understanding customers' expectations and continuously working to innovate and improve our products, services and processes, Icon will continue to bring the latest technology and innovations to the time and attendance industry.