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RTC-1000 Gold Child Clock Support


Annual Gold Support For Child Clocks – Subscription Based Service Agreement

For customers supporting multi-clocks. Price is the same for both renewal and new child clock subscriptions. 

Gold Support Includes:

  • Annual Software Maintenance 
  • Unlimited Telephone and Email Support 
  • Remote Login Assistance and Troubleshooting 

Annual Software Maintenance 

Icon Time System’s Annual Software Maintenance offers assistance with software maintenance releases from our web site. Maintenance releases provide patches and enhancements within the software version you purchased. This program does not include upgrades to new versions or software training. As an alternative to web updates you may request one maintenance release via original media at a cost of shipping and handling only. 

Annual Telephone and Email Support Subscription 

Icon Time System’s Annual Telephone and email Support subscription offers toll free assistance with the operations of your software Monday – Friday 7:30a – 4:30p PST (national holidays excluded). 

Annual Remote Login and Troubleshooting Assistance Subscription 

Icon Time Systems offers toll free remote login assistance with the operations of your software on Monday – Friday 7:30a – 4:30p PST (national holidays excluded). Toll Free Support Services are only available within the United States of America. 

Gold Subscription Terms, Conditions and Penalties 

Your Gold Support subscription is purchased as an annual contract and is intended to be renewed for the life of your product. Your subscription is non-refundable even if you stop using your product. If you allow your subscription to expire, the reinstatement of the Gold Support Subscription will be ineligible for the discounted Gold Support renewal rate. 

The terms of this agreement are subject to change. Each year this agreement is renewed under the terms and conditions in effect at the date of the renewal. 

Service and Support Address:

Icon Time Systems

9650 SW Nimbus Avenue

Beaverton, OR 97008

Toll Free: 800-847–2232 option 1